cm32 pro

colour matters is a comprehensive cad application for the presentation of technical drawings, storyboards, colour ways, and print design. this software facilitates innovation while reducing costs and ensuring quality.

cm32 professional is our high-end package which is setup so you can choose which module suits your requirements: storyboard/prints; weaving; knitting; and/or draping module. these tools will allow flexibility and efficiency, which shorten the back-and-forth communication usually needed to get designs and samples approved.

storyboard/print design module

this module is for drawing sketches, colour reduction, creating storyboards, image cleaning, repeat creation, colour way generation, and assisting with the creative process. it has colour libraries such as pantone which enable you to create your own seasonal colour palettes, displayed with their names, values, and colour representations. it has sketching tools; topstitch effects; layer functions; multiple undo's; repeat creation tools; a full yardage preview window; quick colour reduction tools; and more.










weave module

the weave module helps you to create your own weave structures and textures. in a matter of seconds, with a few clicks, you can create stripes and checks. it has a library of 40,000 weave structures. it has tools such as copy, mirror copy, repeat and warp-to-weft copies. you can change measurements via alignment with ruler or by inputting exact centimetres, inches or yarns. you're able to scan in an existing check design and use it as a template.

knit module

the colour matters knit module has a unique 3d stitch tool that generates realistic knit fabric simulations. this is an essential tool for knit development, as designers can preview and error-check combinations of multi colour yarns and structured knits.

the cm32 knit module comes with a library of cables and stitches. it has a full set of graphic functions (draw, colour, copy, scan, etc). it's 100% tension accurate on screen, which is also in real-time, with colour correction printouts (a4, a3, a2, or any size you need). it has your colour and float checking functions. you're able to send colour graphs via email. and output file formats are compatible with many knit machines including lonatti, san giacamo and stoll machines.

draping module

using a photographic image or a black and white sketch (from practically any source - scanner, digital camera, etc), you can quickly and easily drape another fabric design over any garment, furniture, bedding or any other image that you choose.

you can considerably reduce the time and costs of making sample garments for presenting your ideas to a buyer or shop manager.

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Please note that we also have the CM Studio package available which is our midlevel version of the software.
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