graphic toolbox

graphics toolbox has a wealth of functions and applications to enhance and colour your designs. 
each detailed icon depicts its function, which makes learning and recalling the uses of the tools fast and easy.

in contrast to other complicated graphics programs, graphics toolbox has no wordy definitions and intricate procedures to learn. our tools are designed to be logical and intuitive, resulting in the least amount of steps possible.

the greatest feature of this software is its simplicity. there are numerous graphics packages out there that are created for professional designers. however, they are often too complex for the every-day user and also very expensive. our software gives the every-day user a powerful, yet intuitive, program which produces professional results at an affordable price.

the software is used by schools, businesses and also at home by families and students.  some common uses include the creation of business presentations; logos for marketing; blog designs; interior and surface designs; custom-made invitations; photo manipulation; photo collages; yearbooks; news-letters; posters; and school projects.  it is also great for scrap booking because it comes with exclusive built-in libraries; 
templates; colourful ribbons; and fancy lines.

it’s compatible with all windows programs, cut and paste your images into microsoft, adobe and more.

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