"when i came back to the industry after a long absence, i had absolutely no computer training but had the opportunity of selecting a textile based program that would suit the needs of the company i worked for. my colleagues and i viewed a range of programs on the market at the time, but the cm 32 professional design software was a clear choice. it seemed so straight forward and so user friendly, which was a quiet relief to me as a novice in computer design."
dianne knight caprice australia pty ltd

"i have been using the colour matters software since 2003 and i wouldn't be able to work without it. i use it to create many great effects that can't be achieved with any other program. the repeat function makes doing repeats very easy and fast. the customer support from fashion matters australia has been second to none, very professional and excellent personal service. it is like dealing with good friends." nicole henrikson freelance designer

"the software has been very easy to learn and use and is a great textile/fashion tool for this industry.  in a sales and design team environment it has enables us to design and present cads to customers that are very realistic to an actual finished sample, thus cutting down our costs in sampling. the technical capability of this software in relation to knitting and tension has also been another great and useful tool which we could not live without."
sandra zemunik simon de winter group pty ltd

"I find it an invaluable tool in my work and with it I am able to quickly create original graphics, patterns & storyboards and to easily generate multiple colour ways. It is targeted specifically to the requirements of the textile design & fashion industry and with features such as the repeat management tool and the colour grouping tool it streamlines much of the design process. It is also extremely user friendly and easy to learn." Cynthia Kelly underworks

"the ease with which cm studio allows you to work with other c.a.d. software makes it very easy and fast to use." cam quadara melbourne school of fashion

"Since the introduction of ft32, our training program has changed dramatically and our focus is now product development. ft32 has become a vital part of our training and students use the program in a number of ways." mandy keeley tafe tasmania

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